Success Story - Rescued Kittens

(This is Ringo at his new settled!)

Ringo was a very shy boy found stray with a badly infected eye. 
He was in an awful state and with no owner he was due to be PTS, But our wonderful Welfare officer took Ringo in and asked for his eye to be removed. 

He was so shy at first, he refused to sleep in a bed and did not respond to fuss at all. 
Black cats are very hard to home, a shy black cat with one eye......he was going to be with us some time. 

Each and every day our wonderful volunteers stroke, spoke and loved Ringo. Eventually he came out of his shell and greeted us! 
Ringos character continued to grow and so did he! He developed a very strong love for food and would regularly empty his bowl (This was to be expected after living stray)

Now he was ready to find his own family and home where he could be the BIG loving boy he was. 

After quite some time he found a FANTASTIC homw and his new family love him dearly. 
He has settled in really well and having on eye hasnt slowed him down at all, 

His family claim its the best thing the did in 2015! 

Could you open your heart to a special cat? please give us a call... or if you can not take in another cat please become a member and help us to help more cats/kittens in need

Thank you,