Direct Rehoming

As you know, we take in cats that need to be rehomed, place them with our wonderful fosterers to be cared for and loved until they are ready to leave and then find them loving permanent homes.
But did you know that we also offer an alternative method of rehoming called Direct Rehoming?
If someone calls us, needing to give up their cat(s), but:
a) we are unable to take them because we are full up or
b) the owner would prefer that the cat(s) didn’t come to us because, for instance, they think that the cat(s) could be stressed by being confined to pens
then we can scan our “Waiting to Adopt” list and match the cat(s) needing a new home with a suitable person offering one. We then put the two people in touch with each other and leave the rest to them.
We will only get involved if asked to do so, for instance, by doing a home visit.

There is no fee as such but we welcome donations.

Do you think you could offer any of them a warm welcome in your home?

                 If so please ring Pat on 07716 596212