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May 2016 FREE neutering month at Hawthorne Lodge Vets Banbury

Please read the full terms below...

To be eligible you must live in the Cherwell Cats Protection Branch area – covering post codes:
OX5, OX15, OX16, OX17, OX25, OX26, OX27 and NN13.

Our free neutering event covers the total cost of routine neutering procedures for a healthy male or female cat only.  This scheme does NOT cover any additional costs during or after surgery.  Issues that might require owner to contribute to the total bill include – but are not limited to – additional medications required, additional surgical fees, complications due to pregnancy, obesity, retained testes, etc.

Owner will need to register their cat(s) with Hawthorne Lodge Banbury, and owner may be required to provide previous history information before operation.

This offer is for the Hawthorne Lodge Banbury location ONLY.  

Hawthorne Lodge, 1 West bar street, Banbury, OX16 9SF, 01295 259446

Contact Hawthorne Lodge for individual advice, registration and to book an appointment. 

You will have the opportunity to leave a donation at Hawthorne Lodge Banbury towards the cost of neutering if you would like to do so. 

Please have your cats neutered – it is the only way to reduce unwanted cats and kittens.

Why not become a Cherwell CP member, its only £10 a year...less than 20p a week. For information please email: cherwellcats.membership@gmail.com

We are a very busy branch covering Bicester, Brackley, Banbury & Kidlington - staffed entirely by volunteers.  

Our three main aims:
  1. Rehome as many unwanted and abandoned cats as possible 
    • to do this we rely on fosterers who care for the cats in their own homes or pens in their gardens, during this time they aim to rehabiliate, as it is a very stressful time for the cats. Each and every cat has its own individual story which will be beside it on the "adopt a cat" page. 
  2. Neutering Programme 
    • this is a voucher scheme that contributes to the veterinary costs of spaying or neutering. We will also make sure that strays and ferals are spayed/ neutered to stop uncontrolled breeding and reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned kittens. 
  3. We try to inform and educate about cat welfare issues and attend clubs and groups to give talks on Cats Protection and general cat care
    • We are always happy to meet new people with similar interests and who would like to be more involved in the branch. 
Please give us a call today, help us to help all the cats and kittens in need!
Pat: 07716 596212